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Main Features

When it comes to cheap web hosting for basic websites and blogs, iPage is very hard to beat! Currently their plan is only $4.50 a month, and it comes with:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • FREE domain for life

As long as you stay with iPage, the domain is yours to keep. And why wouldn’t you at a mere $4.50 a month?

Payment: There is no prorated payment with iPage. You’ll pay for at least a year of hosting upfront. There is a standard 30 day-money back guarantee. After this, you can cancel at any time with a full refund of only your unused months.

Why iPage

There are a few reasons to choose iPage over other cheap website hosts. iPage specializes in Green Hosting! Their data centers are powered 100% by wind energy. You can save money and do a good service by choosing a webhost that promotes protecting the environment! In addition, you receive $150 in marketing credits to use across Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter, and Facebook.

iPage is an excellent website host with an outstanding price. If you want cheap unlimited hosting, and don’t need or know what ruby on rails is, its for you.

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They only drawbacks are that iPage doesn’t support Ruby On Rails. This platform is the basis of websites like Twitter. However, you would need a little more hosting power if those are your ambitions, and iPage is best for everyday websites.

iPage is limited to shared hosting, meaning should your domain become the next generations Facebook, and outgrow the iPage servers, you will have to transfer the free domain you received when you move to a new host. From then on you’ll assume responsibility for the annual $15 domain renewal fee. All this means that that perhaps you should choose a blog, or a small site as your free domain for life, rather than the domain of your multimillion dollar entrepreneurial venture.

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